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Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2012

Graffiti ridden communities, failing infrastructures.

Weekend Edition | Jan. 2012 | By: Editor/Sam Tsosie contributed to this article. 

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The Southwest is known for its vast red rocks and beautiful open land, but lately it’s been defaced with what some communities members call ‘weird writing’ or what is known to law enforcement as gang affiliated writing.

Throughout the Navajo Nation you will come across damage property or road signs that normally would have given drivers information, today it is not visible and poses a clear public safety concern for drivers. But some would argue, if you replace the damage property, the ‘graffiti gangsters’ will just come right back to it and deface the sign again.

According to the American Road and Builder Associations on rural highway safety, not having a road sign that is state-of-the-art with reflective sign sheeting and all-weather pavement markings, can pose a public safety concern.

Stiffer penalties could be imposed for defacing property, but highway safety experts like the ARBS could point out that there is really no way to curtail the problem of graffiti because of the remote area of the location.

“I get people that come behind my business and tag my fence, so I install cameras to keep the idiots away-I can see how the Navajo reservation can have a problem addressing graffiti because people and places are so remote” said Bill Morris of South Phoenix

Bencenti/Crownpoint Sam Tsosie/Navajo Post [email protected]

According to the Navajo Business office although infrastructure is limited, planning is underway to improve communications, roads, utility systems, and transportation. The Navajo Nation will continue to address issues regarding its current infrastructure, for better access for business and community development.

Community development is needed throughout Navajo agencies and the Navajo Nation, most chapter houses are old buildings that need major renovations or to some extent, a new building.

“When I use to live back home, I notice how old our Chapter is in Ganado and it is falling apart, even the restrooms are disgusting.” said Mr. Kinclacheewho wish not to be identified.

The Navajo Nation is a beautiful land, but some community members would agree it is time to clean the Nation and start a new infrastructure that fits the 21st Century for the health and safety of the Navajo people.



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  1. Cory Varges says:

    ‘graffiti gangsters’ we are not gangsters! We are artist’s…

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Graffiti ridden communities, failing infrastructures.