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Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2012

Navajo Nation President cuts $270,000 from Council Legislation

Weekend Edition | Feb. 4, 2012 | By: NPStaff writer [email protected]

Executive Power

From the political belt way in Window Rock, Navajo President Ben Shelly exercised his line item ‘veto power’ today to cut more than $270,000 from legislation passed during the Navajo Nation Council’s Winter Session. $1.4 million was left untouched by the President.

What was cut and why, According to The Presidents office, Mr. Shelly vetoed $235,681 of funding for the Green Economy Commission and $37,150 for office supplies for the Speaker’s Office.

Mr. Shelly emphasized, The legislation that created the Green Economy Commission doesn’t set any guidance about how the commission would work with the executive branch, which has the same goals of the Green Economy Commission.

Basically, two powers structures trying to accomplish the same thing. It was also reported the President wrote that Speaker Naize would not reduce the amount of money needed for office supplies.

“My administration has committed to the health of the People, a more environmentally aware government, and establishing more jobs for the People. These objectives are the same administrative responsibilities established by the Green Commission, in order to prevent duplication and promote efficient and financial utilization of the Nation’s resources,” President Shelly wrote in a memorandum to Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize.

Let’s Talk

The President invited the Speaker, Green Economy commissioners and Council Delegates to discuss how the Legislative Branch could work with the Executive Branch to establish a green economy.

“The coordination between the Legislative and Executive Branch will ensure a successful campaign for the Navajo Nation to make the move toward an environmentally conscience Nation,” President Shelly wrote.

The Battle, On July 22, 2009, the Navajo Nation Council adopted the Navajo Nation Green Economy Commission Act of 2009. The show of force has yet to seen by the legislative branch to challenge the President in exercising his ‘veto powers’ but the President has stressed in the past the Navajo Nation has to budget and save to curtail these uncertain economic times.

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Navajo Nation President cuts $270,000 from Council Legislation