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Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2012

Senator Lynda Lovejoy slams Navajo President

Weekly Edition | February 16, 2012 | By: NP writer

“Ben Shelly, is still in a campaign mode,” said Sen. Lovejoy “unethical tactics on the part of President Shelly”

Several weeks ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico State Legislatures received gift bags from NAPI in connection with American Indian Day at the state capitol. However, one New Mexico Senator slammed Navajo President Ben Shelly over what was inside the gift bags.

“What was extremely troubling was that in each bag, there was a post card of the Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim with their pictures on the front of the card. This gave the impression that it was the Navajo Nation President, and Vice President were involved in the generous work of presenting the gift bags, and it also gave the impression as if Navajo Nation president, Ben Shelly, is still in a campaign mode.” It said Sen. Lynda Lovejoy.

Sen. Lynda Lovejoy (D-Crownpoint) was upset about the gift bags distributed by the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) that showcase their business and growing potential of native commerce.

The Senator said though  it was promotional, it wasn’t relevant to the business of the legislature adding, “The hard work of NAPI affiliates and our legislative recognition of their successful business should not have been overshadowed by unethical tactics on the part of President Shelly. It was transparent that he used the State Capitol for his political campaign promotion.”

Lovejoy said the President is rarely seen at the State Capitol in support of legislative efforts, among all Navajo legislators she said she feels  disheartened in recognizing that President Shelly uses the State Capitol and such special events like American Indian Day in furthering his political ambition and accused the President for “personally advertising” his political mission.

The New Mexico senator was not available for comments nor responded to our emails. Lynda Lovejoy ran for President in 2010, but lost to now President Shelly-political theater for the New Mexico senator is still in play and has not forgiven the lost. It is not known if she is going to run in 2014.


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  1. NDNtgurl says:

    This is just another tactic of belittling President Shelly and Vice President Jim, from Senator Lovejoy. Senator should be thankful that the Navajo Nation had a presence during the event at the State Capital.
    There are more important things on the agenda to address, instead of complaining about gift bags.
    It is the thought that counts on behalf of the Navajo Nation.

  2. DOODALovejoy says:

    The woman is still bitter and upset over losing the Navajo Nation Presidency. Lovejoy is nothing more than a sore loser!

    In fact, after she lost the election and without any facts, Lovejoy accused President Shelly of being a thief and then viciously attacked the Navajo Vice President Rex Lee Jim as being gay. What a sick woman!

    Here’s the radio interview she did after she lost the Election:

    Here’s another shameful video of her comparing gays and lesbians to disabled children. Lovejoy has no shame and says really stupid things:

    Lovejoy needs to be voted out of office. Vote Benny Shendo Jr. to boot Lovejoy out!

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Senator Lynda Lovejoy slams Navajo President