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Published On: Sun, Mar 25th, 2012

The rise of the Navajo Nation, Grand Canyon attraction near you

Weekend Edition | March 25th | By: NP-staff

Should the Navajo Nation build at the east rim of the Grand Canyon?

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NP File: President Shelly-Sam Tsosie/Navajo Post

Recently, Yahoo News ran a AP story title ‘Navajo Nation eyes Grand Canyon for development’ the largest indigenous nation is looking to perk up the east rim of the grand canyon that could bring in millions of tourism dollars and visitors from around the world.

the AP Reports:

“But ancestral tradition and the tranquility of the landscape could be subject to change if the Navajo government’s plans are realized for a resort and aerial tramway that would ferry tourists from cliff tops to water’s edge.”

Economic Development & Jobs for the Navajo people

According to Deswood Tome, the Navajo Nation can “expect 3 million visitors a year as soon as 2015 and revenue to be between $40 million and $70 million annually — up to a half of the tribe’s budget not including federal funds.” adding “We’re not always going to have 100 percent agreement, but we’re going to do our part to bring development and jobs here to Navajo.”

President Ben Shelly praised this effort and said they will make sure all sacred sites are protect. The Grand Canyon brings millions of people to the Arizona, but reservations surrounding the canyon lack that attraction.

Environmentalist groups and Park Officials say they would like to protect and maintain the wilderness characteristics of the East Rim and make sure endangered species like the humpback chub are protected They also added, the noise and light pollution would be unwelcome. But critics will argue the largest Indian tribe in the world is behind in tourism attractions and lacks a solid economy.

With projected revenue to be in the $40 million to $70 million range, Navajo Businesses could benefit as well as residence in that area. They can see paved roads, electricity, water, and most all a job.

Proponents and opponents to this plan by the Navajo reservation lite up with comments:

Johnny said in a comment “Im native american and im poorer than before my tribes indian casino went in. The best places where i used to hunt, play, ride dirt bikes, camp, and swim and now my offroad place is underground from fill dirt to create a parking lot, the casino is where i used to hunt, and the hotel diverted the flow to the creek and the pond dried up. And i don’t get much money from the casino because our tribes repeat offender chairman and his cronies line their own pockets while we all starve. the only hope we have is to leave which is what im planning to do once i go to college in 5 months. Im so ashamed of what this place has become, i wish it was like it was 10 years ago. I knew everybody, the only thing next door was a cow pasture, and wanted people weren’t hiding from the cops up here. So i spit in the face of these people who want to ruin their beautiful land and turn it into a crowded tourist attraction just to make a buck”

Tom S. added “Last week Indians got permits to shoot Bald Eagles. I wonder if the Hotel will feature “Eagle-feather Beds”?”

Jonathan said “The Indians want to industrialize the land and we don’t want them to. Oh, the irony!”

John said “Just because they got the shaft 100 years ago doesn’t mean we need to let them do whatever they want now.”

Jack added “Let the Navajo do what they want…”

The Navajo reservation covers 27,000 miles of land in Northern Arizona and is considered the largest Native American Tribe in the U.S. with a growing population of over 300,000 people.

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The rise of the Navajo Nation, Grand Canyon attraction near you