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Published On: Thu, May 31st, 2012

Nageezi Man gets 51 years in Prison

By: NP staff | The Navajo Post | May 31

AZTEC – Howard Haceesa, 35 member of the Navajo Nation was sentenced Thursday to 51 years behind bars, for the killing of Natalia Fernandez and Clifford Commanche back in Nov. in a head on collision on the U.S. Highway 550, he was driving drunk and was also a repeated offender.

District Judge Hynes struck down the maximum sentence for the Navajo man, reported the Daily Times. “I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart,” he said, turning toward the gallery. “I wish I could change it, but I have to live it. Every day I feel the hurt. I hope you can forgive me.” said Haceesa, as he apologized for what he did.

Recently, the San Juan County Sheriff Ken Kristiantian said the Navajo Nation has a lack of law enforcement on the reservation side in San Juan County, leaving Deputies to detain a individual until Navajo Cops arrive to make an official arrest, whihc can take several hours. Bow, Navajo officials are now stepping up law enforcement efforts to toil down on the growing number of drunk drivers.


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Nageezi Man gets 51 years in Prison