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Published On: Sat, Jul 21st, 2012

MEXICAN DRUG BUST: Are Drug smugglers reaching the Navajo Nation?

July 21 | The Navajo Post

NAVAJO NATION- A Laveen man with drugs and guns recently lead Navajo Cops on a chase through the Chuska Mountains on the Navajo reservation, late last week on June 12. The alleged suspect was identified as Eddie Clayton Thomas, 22, Thomas is being held by U.S. marshals in Coconino County on numerous charges, said the Navajo Police.

Recently, we posed a question on our Facebook wall? Do you think ‘illegals’ are hiding out on the Navajo Nation? That notion has never been explored nor sought, but many of our facebook reader might think otherwise.

With many Navajos on social media network, Linda Peterson said with some sarcasm, “Oh hell yeah! They’re my next door neighbors they can’t speak English or understand so I mess with their mind hahaha and you could smell beans cooking all the time”

It appears with this incident, could be the beginning of what is to come. The Obama Administration recently granted illegals from ages 16-30 to stay in the U.S. taunting Arizona controversial tough immigration bill, S.B. 1070.

Under the administration plan, illegal immigrants will be immune from deportation if they were brought to the United States before they turned 16 and are younger than 30

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Arizona Gov. Brewer on the hand, slammed Mr. Obama for not securing the border, calling it Amnesty. The toughest Sheriff in Arizona said on CNN, “it’s all Politics, why now?” it appears there are people who disagree and who agree, but both sides of the isle can’t seem to be on the same page.

The Navajo Nation sits in the vast remote areas of Arizona, a great hiding place for drug smuggler, drug cartels, and human trafficking. It cannot be confirmed nor denied that illegal immigrants are traveling or seeking shelter on the Navajo Nation, but this latest incident make one wonder.

The largest reservation covers part of Northern Arizona and spans into Utah and New Mexico and has some of the main highways that link to all major interstates like I-40. Some small Navajo communities have little access to the outside world and would not know who is and who isn’t.

However, recently the Navajo President stepped up law enforcement efforts to deter the growing crime on the reservation, but they still lack certified officers. The largest Native American law enforcement agency, the Navajo Police airs on the Discovery Channel, ‘Navajo Cop’ showing what goes down  on the reservation.

One comment on “MEXICAN DRUG BUST: Are Drug smugglers reaching the Navajo Nation?

  1. Lets not kid ourselves especially in guarding our homeland. The Long Walk experience was not in vain for those that walked the talk. The U.S. may kid itself to it’s own destruction by letting undocumented people to populate the land. Not on Navajoland. Who will stand up to this farce of not calling things as they are and let pretense undermine the security of the Navajo people.

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MEXICAN DRUG BUST: Are Drug smugglers reaching the Navajo Nation?