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Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2012

Navajo Attorney General discuss S.B. 2109 and LCR Settlement

Aug 4 | By Ariel Shirley, NP Contributor [email protected]

WINDOW ROCK- Navajo Nation Attorney General, Harrison Tsosie talked about the controversial issues of Senate Bill 2109 and the impact of Little Colorado River Settlement.

In a telephone interview with the Navajo Post, Mr. Tsosie covered both the importance of both the Bill and the Settlement, and discussed the pros and cons of the water bill.


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Tsosie clarified, there are two documents that need to be understood by the people. First, there is the Senate Bill (2109) and the LCR Settlement.

They are two separate documents that might be the cause of confusion and disagreement between the Navajo Government, and the People.

The Difference

Tsosie said, “Senate Bill 2109 is a house bill that requires action from Congress. The Navajo Nation has no input into legislation because it requires a Senator to put the final input. Only the Federal Government can approve of the Senate Bill.”

According to officials, Senator Kyl has discussed making provisions of the Senate Bill, on behalf of the Navajo Nation.

As for the LCR Settlement, Tsosie emphasized “The LCR Settlement was an agreement made by the Navajo Nation and thirty-two other parties on how to distribute LCR water equally. The parties took control of the Settlement instead of having the State of Arizona make the final decision on what to do with the water. The settlement gives the Navajo Nation unlimited access to not only to the Little Colorado River, but to the ground water and two aquifers (Coconino and Navajo). The LCR Settlement gave the Navajo Nation legal protection of our water backed by the U.S. Government.”

In terms of Navajo Generating Station, no water from the Water Settlement will be shared with The company. Tsosie reveals that this is a false pretense, “The water used for NGS is provided by the State of Arizona and not the Navajo Nation.” In terms of the Senate Bill, with provisions made by Senator Kyl, on behalf of the Navajo Nation, all ties with NGS can be cut off.

Tsosie adds, “Water is an asset for the Navajo Nation. We need to have a legal doctrine protecting our water for now and the future.”

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Navajo Attorney General discuss S.B. 2109 and LCR Settlement