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Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012


Aug 22 | By: NP staff writer

TSAILE, AZ — The Navajo Nation ‘Building Summit’ kicked off at Dine College early Wednesday morning. Business Leaders, Navajo Officials, and Experts from around the region will spend three days discussing ways to spend the Navajo Nation’s Permanent Trust Fund (PTF) which exceed $1 billion dollars.

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The Navajo Nation flag, adopted on May 21, 1968 by the Navajo Tribal Council in Window Rock, Arizona, by Resolution CMY-55-68, was designed by Jay R. DeGroat, a Navajo student from Mariano Lake, Arizona. Photo by Flickr: DBKing

On Facebook, the Nation Building Summit, event host Sylvia Laughter said, “Play a role in voicing your opinion as to how to use 2-6% of the Navajo Nation Permanent Trust Fund. The Navajo Nation set a goal to keep the funds for 20 years. Since 1985, we are still the goal for which it was saved. The needs are great on the Navajo Nation and our purpose is to enlist the assistance of our Navajo People…To help us decide how a small percentage of those funds should be used.”

The summit will start on Wednesday, August 22 at 8am and will end on Aug 24. Speakers will include the Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly, Speaker Johnny Naize, Dr. Maggie George Dine College President, and many more.

“This summit is unique in that it presents a great opportunity for Diné citizens, communities, and businesses, along with members of our nation’s governmental programs and departments, to engage in dialogue about how we, as a unified nation, can create a plan to address our basic needs for infrastructure on the Navajo Nation,” said Council Delegate Katherine Benally.

The Navajo Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee and some of their Board of Directors will also be presenting on how the Navajo Nation can build an economy with free enterprise.

You can down load a copy of the schedule below. In 2010, the fund principal reached $1 Billion.

Navajo Nation Building Summit – Investing In Our Future


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