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Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

Navajo Energy Business Partners with Humless on the Navajo Nation

Oct. 15

Window Rock, AZ -Big Navajo Energy, a Utah-based renewable energy company, announces it is a 100-percent Navajo owned-and-operated company focused on the development and deployment of efficient power generation technology.

BNE is proud to announce this new relationship with Humless, a division of Food for Health International (Humless), to provide off grid solar battery based systems ranging in size from 1.5kW to 4.5kW. Humless systems are safe, silent and renewable solutions for remote housing locations that require little or no maintenance. These systems are also designed for continuous use year round and are therefore highly dependable as a primary or secondary source of electricity.

“There are over 18,000 families on the Navajo Reservation that do not have electricity. This new relationship with Humless is just a beginning,” said Dory Peters, President of Big Navajo Energy.

Humless fills a unique market segment on the Navajo Nation that can deploy an alternative renewable energy source in the most remote areas on the reservation. The Navajo Nation is located in northwestern New Mexico, northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah the territory covers 27,425 square miles roughly the size of West Virginia. “It is very difficult to access power of any sort on parts of our reservation the generators that Humless is going to offer will provide a welcome solution for our people.” said Dory Peters.

BNE is in a unique position to provide an alternative source of renewable energy that can be deployed within 90 days to provide immediate electricity to remote locations at a low cost for sustainable clean energy.

As Navajo Chief Manuelito’s once said, “We see the Whites have farms, plows…here, as Navajo’s, we have nothing. Go, learn about education, and one day, we will have things as the white men have it.” About Big Navajo Energy – BNE’s mission is to provide competitive, low-cost renewable energy to Native Americans across the United States and globally. BNE is certified as a priority one business by the Navajo Nation Business Regulatory Department Office located in St. Michael’s, AZ. BNE tag line is “Native Touch – Global Reach”

Navajo Energy Business Partners with Humless on the Navajo Nation