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Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

Native American Advertising and Marketing Firm looks to make the Native Brand stronger

Oct. 31

MESA, AZ – When it comes to Native American products, you think of hand made rugs, jewelery, hand painted items. But one marketing firm wants to expand that market.

Global Diligence Technologies, said it hopes to change the dynamic in the way main stream brand sees the Native American products. In a press release it said, it would like to promote more of Native American Arts and Craft.

“The main consumer knows nothing about the forgotten market, our company would like to bridge that gap, we want elite brands to be marketed to the native people” said Alexander Chambers founder of the company.

Global Diligence also said, local artists need a way to promote themselves, “If a silversmith only sell his or her jewelry at a local flea market, we want to expand that market for them, we want them to sell at a larger scale to increase their sales.” adding, “that’s our vision for these small business owners.” said Chambers.

Currently, border towns surrounding the Navajo Nation in Arizona dominate the Artistic Market of Navajo hand made rugs, jewelery, and paintings which can take days and sometimes months to complete for some of these artists and the end result, they get exported to the national market, doubling the profit of the Trading Company- not the artist.

Chambers said, Global Diligence can help you market your items in their multimedia platform, “the good thing about what we do is, its stays here in America, we promote your work with your name, so you can be recognized for your work” he said.

The company also specializes in web designing, smart phone app development, and consultancy work.


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Native American Advertising and Marketing Firm looks to make the Native Brand stronger