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Published On: Fri, Nov 2nd, 2012


Nov. 2
Navajo Nation Council endorses Jonathan Paton

  WINDOW ROCK – Just days before the election, the Navajo Nation Tribal Council voted to endorse Jonathan Paton for Congress in Arizona’s First District. The next big questions is, will they endorse Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The committee refused to hear a similar resolution in support of Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, who is running against Paton.

This is the first time in recent memory that the Council has voted to solely endorse the Republican in a U.S. Congress race, speaking to Paton’s strong relationships and trust built on the Navajo Nation.

The resolution reads: “The 22nd Navajo Nation Council fully endorses and supports Jonathan Paton to serve Arizona’s Congressional District One in the United States House of Representatives in the U.S. Congress. The Council further urges all Navajo Voters in Arizona to support the endorsement.”

The resolution was introduced by Honorable Delegate Lorenzo Curley. The Council’s Naa’bik’iyati’ Committee, which voted on the endorsements Monday, is comprised of all members of the Council and voted 10-2 to endorse Paton.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Navajo Nation Council, and I promise to work hard and fight for the Navajo people in Washington,” said Jonathan Paton. “I look forward to sitting down and working with the Council when I am elected on a strong policy agenda for tribal sovereignty and job creation on the Navajo Nation.”

The resolution to endorse Paton also notes his family’s strong roots to the Navajo Nation and the state’s other tribes. Paton’s mother was a missionary in Tuba City on the Navajo Nation, and later his mother, sister, and brother were all teachers on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Sells, Arizona. It also recognizes Paton’s status as a combat veteran in Iraq, a status held in high regard because of the Navajo Nation’s strong heritage of serving in combat for the United States.

Arizona’s First District has the largest Native American population of any Congressional District in the country. The 12 tribes comprising that population makes up more than 22% of the District’s entire population, much of which is on the Navajo Nation.

To read the full text of the resolution as introduced, click here:


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