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Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2012

THE BREAK DOWN: Map shows the Navajo Nation, was split on Obama and Romney

Nov. 7 | [email protected]

The 1st Congressional District is still a tight race, according to election officials and ballots are still being counted. However, Anne Kirkpatrick is in the lead with 100,443 votes and Johnathan Paton with 93,939 votes. CD1 covers both Navajo and Apache counties.

This congressional district covers one of the largest Native American tribes in the U.S., the Navajo Nation with a population of over 300,000. Navajo election officials anticipated a voter turn out of about 120,000.

Is the Navajo Nation half Republican and half Democrats?

According to Fox News, Apache county went for Obama with 14,519 votes and Romney with a 6,802 votes. But Navajo county came in with some heavy republican backers; with 17,049 votes for Romney and 15,168 votes for Obama. Does this mean the Navajo Nation itself was split between both candidates (Romney and Obama). These votes are based on a 98-100 percent official reporting block from Arizona.

Arizona overwhelmingly backed Romney, with 902,631 votes and Obama getting 712,868 with 68 percent reporting. Only three counties went for Obama. Apache, Coconino, Pima, and Santa Cruz.

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THE BREAK DOWN: Map shows the Navajo Nation, was split on Obama and Romney