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Published On: Sun, Jan 6th, 2013

Navajo Weavers showcase their Rugs

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GALLUP, NM – When it comes to keeping in touch with your culture, the Navajos have a deep past of hand made beautiful rugs, like the one here by Nora Yazzie & Eleanor Trujillo who both weaved their rugs and sold them to Perry Null Trading.

Nora Yazzie & Eleanor Trujillo both weaved a Navajo handmade rug. By Perry Null Trading

Navajo textiles are highly regarding and sought after by designers, weavers, and artist across the country. Last year, the Navajo Nation was in a legal battle over the use of the word Navajo by Urban Outfitters. Then the President Ben Shelly issued a statement and said he didn’t want other people using the word ‘Navajo’ for it was for the people to use and not big companies to gain a profit from. Remorselessly, the company just changed the name to printed- not the design.

The design has been around since the 19th century, and may have learn it from the pueblo Indians. The Navajos use the sheep fur to produce rich thick yarn and use natural plants to dye them. Today you can find a Navajo rug in almost every trading company surrounding the mammoth tribe and through the world.

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Navajo Weavers showcase their Rugs