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Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2013

57th Presidential Inauguration kicks off

U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.- Photo courtesy of Jared King.

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. President Barack Obama took the official oath of office on Sunday. Today the President kicks it off with a big speech, parade that will include the Navajo Nation Band.

According to Fox News, ’500,000 to 700,000 people will be on the National Mall to witness the ceremony, compared to 2009 when an estimate 1.8 million saw the country’s first black president take the presidential oath.’

Mr. Obama will use Dr. Martin Luther King bible to swear in, his last inaugural address he used President Lincoln bible. Mr. Obama takes his second term with a divided nation on the 2nd amendment, which includes a weapons ban from his rivals, Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Barbara Finstein of CA. They both plan to head the initiative.

As for the Navajo President Ben Shelly, he is in attendance along with four other Navajo lawmakers to support the Navajo Nation Band.

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57th Presidential Inauguration kicks off