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Published On: Fri, Feb 8th, 2013

There are 1,729 water outages, according to NTUA

File Photo, NNDOT. Crews installing new pipes on the Navajo Nation. Rick Abasta

Navajo residence are still without water, it’s proof the Tribe needs to rebuild its failing infrastructure of underground pipes, water lines, and even the paved roads. The Navajo reservation sits in the northern part of Arizona, its as big as West Virginia. Most Navajo homes do not have running water, nor access to basic necessities like electricity.

NTUA Deputy General Manager Rex Kontz told Emergency Management officials on Monday, there are 1,729 water outages. The Navajo owned utility company has seven utility district, according to officials Ft. Defiance was the hardest hit area with the highest report of outages, reported the Navajo Times.

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly issued a press release on Tuesday and said they are seeking $2.8 million to fund operation winter freeze. Shelly said the money will be used to hire more people to fix the pipes.

According to, they say when water freezes in a pipe it expands and can exert pressure over 2,000 pounds per square inch. The pressure can be so strong that it eventually ruptures the pipes and when that happens,  water will spill several hundred gallons of water per hour.

But this isn’t just a Navajo Nation problem, it’s a problem across the U.S. and the Nation faces a National infrastructure crisis if not address. In Chicago, the Elgin Tower Building water pipes froze, creating a chaotic scene for their local city utility workers.

In Colorado, Douglas county schools had the same problem, several high schools and elementary school had to close due to broken water lines, reported the Denver Post.

As the cold weather sweeps parts of the Nation, New York will see 10′ of snow. Bloomberg reported, ‘A winter storm watch extends from Maine to Pennsylvania.’ Experts say, the colder winter will drives up the cost of heat and gas, it was reported Gas rose 2.5 percent and large city utility providers will spike the prices for demand.

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  1. Yas Atééd says:

    They are never prepared… Good grief! You ought to know that already, it certainly is unheard of…


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There are 1,729 water outages, according to NTUA