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Published On: Sat, Feb 16th, 2013

Meteorite hits Russia, What one Navajo Medicine man said

You only see things like this on television, but for Russians in the rural mountains of Moscow were hit with a surprise when an asteroid hit them unexpectedly.

Russian news agencies reported, over 1,100 were injured early Friday morning. Officials say the detestation brought sonic waves that shattered windows and left a crater in the Russian soil.

Media outlets across world reported another asteroid was passing by earth, but that’s all it did, pass. As for the asteroid that entered the Russian airspace, NASA said it was 49 feet wide before it entered the atmosphere, after it got smaller in size.

As for one Navajo medicine man living in the rural part of the reservation he said it is a sign of something bigger to come. “we have yet to see the bigger part of this” said Mr. Yazzie, who did not want to give his first name. He is a star gazer near Dilkon, AZ and uses crystals to make diagnosis or detect evil in ones body. Navajos in small communities still utilize traditional ways to get help when they are sick or are brushed with bad luck.

The Navajo also believe it is taboo to talk about the end of the world or about the gods from up above. Stories of bigger asteroids could be headed our way. Navajo stories say big stars have yet to be found that include big asteroids. But these are just vision of medicine men who believe in these tales.

Experts say, if it does happen. It probably wont happen in our life time.

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Meteorite hits Russia, What one Navajo Medicine man said