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Published On: Sun, Apr 21st, 2013

Marketing company suggest pitching the Navajos could help your brand

(Yes this is a twitter hash) #GDTECHLLC is a Native American Marketing company based in Tempe, it suggest developing a marketing campaign designed to reach the Navajos will help your brand.

They also say, it could really engage your brand and product- so they say always remember to diversify your campaign effort for a different perspective. The Navajo Nation is the size of West Virginia and It spans over 27,000 miles square miles in northern Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

“There is just so many people in northern Arizona that is ready to buy and try new products, we believe if you advertise to them, they will give you a chance.” said a #GDTECHLLC representative.

They also explained, they have already introduced some of America’s power brands like AT&T, the Marriott, Hilton, and even small company’s to the rich cultured people. They also added, their competitive edge set them apart from other marketing companies, because their unique platform is geared to target a particular audience.

They also said, companies tend to forget rural engagement, but emphasize that is the most important part of a marketing campaign. For more information, you can visit their website at

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Marketing company suggest pitching the Navajos could help your brand