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Published On: Mon, May 20th, 2013

Native Americans think President Obama should be impeached

Members of the Navajo Nation took aim at the President on facebook, after we ask the question, Should President Obama be impeached? Dewayne Teller said, “You bet he’s ruining America and lied on his birth certificate so i think so.”

Tony Lake said, Yes!!! He will bankrupt the tribe!” and others slammed Obama care. Janis Willis Zah said the GOP will simply ruin Native America. “People let Fox News and Dumbaugh tell them how to think. Brainwashed…Obama is one of the few presidents who is on the Native’s side. The Republicans would destroy Tribal Nations. smh.”

The Echos of Impeachment

Various media outlets have reported the GOP may begin the process of impeachment, Former Presidential candidate and Fox News anchor Mike Huckabee predicted the President will not finish out his term and others echo the same tune.

On Facebook, others defended the President and said, “no.” The Obama administration is under pressure for the IRS scandal and how they may have illegally looked into tea party groups by asking them questions that wasn’t apart of the process of becoming a certified non profit.

The U.S. Attorney General is also under fire of seizing the Associated Press phone records. The Washington Post reported, AP CEO, Gary Pruitt said it’s ‘unconstitutional’ and slammed Washington on CBS Face the Nation and said the government has no business in their news gathering activities.

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Native Americans think President Obama should be impeached