5 Most Common Red Flags to Check When Hiring a Moving Company

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Generally, companies that provide moving services tend to operate above board. However, this isn’t to say the entire industry is full of people who believe only in best practices. Just like other industries, it also has people whose focus is purely on defrauding their clients. Therefore, it is your duty to choose one while keeping your eyes open for red flags. Read reviews on any moving company Sarasota FL you wish to hire. You can find these on review sites and articles appearing on sites such as The Navajo Post.
Below are the five most common red flags to check.

Pay Huge Sums of Money Beforehand

Does the company ask you to pay huge sums of money in advance? If it does, you should not send the money. In fact, you should never entertain anything else such a company tells you once it requests or demands for advance payments. Reliable companies do not ask for more than 20% of the total amount in advance. Many companies prefer asking for payment when they deliver the items at your new location.

A Cash-Only Policy

Does the moving company accept only cash? In today’s world, it can be dangerous to travel or walk around with a lot of cash in your pockets. It is difficult to trace the trail of cash in case you find yourself dealing with fraudsters. Instead, look for companies that have no trouble accepting different forms or methods of payment. Legitimate moving companies in Sarasota FL have no problem accepting credit payments.

Ridiculously Low Rates

Ridiculously low rates are worth looking and relooking at multiple times. A moving company worth its weight in gold will never charge the lowest rates in the industry. A company that charges low rates is most probably sacrificing quality. Such companies need close evaluation to ensure you get value for money. In fact, have nothing to do with these companies, unless the rates are part of a campaign involving giving clients a one-time offer.

A company that charges you unbelievably low rates can increase them just before showing up at your door. This way, they give you little or no time to look for an alternative.

Unmarked, Unbranded Vehicles

Do not ignore the vehicles the companies use too. Professionalism demands that a moving company will brand everything it owns, especially cars. If a company’s cars lack the appropriate logos on the side, you would be better off turning to a different firm. Unmarked vehicles and rented cars are red flags that you should never ignore. A moving firm that cannot afford to print a logo or contact info on the car is probably illegitimate and not worth transacting with. Rarely will you find a moving company owning and using unbranded cars for their business.

Missing Contract and Estimates

Lastly, ask the moving company for estimates and a contract, once you negotiate and agree on everything. Drop any negotiations immediately the mover tells you that a contract isn’t available. Without a contract, you will have no recourse for remedies in case problems appear later. Apart from that, the moving firm should issue you with an estimate of what you’re likely to pay only after showing up at your place and looking at what needs to be transported.

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