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If you’ve just bought a new Nespresso machine, you might be mulling over whether you have to buy new capsules or just use the ones that you had previously.

Nespresso has advanced a lot in the past few years. One of the changes seen is in the way capsules are pierced, which has caused some old capsules to be incompatible and not function properly. In most of the latest Nespresso machines, the needles are designed so thin to the extent that they cannot pierce capsules from competitors.
Instead of normal piercing, the Nespresso might crush the capsule. Nespresso brands Pixie, U, and Inissia, are some of the new models that come with thinner injectors as part of development and advancement. If your capsules are not compatible, you should get new ones.

A Problem for Consumers

You might still be having your capsules when you buy your new Nespresso, but you are forced to buy new ones because of compatibility issues. This is because although new thinner needles function optimally with aluminum capsules, but they struggle with hard plastic capsules.

When the capsules are not compatible, not only will they be crushed, but they will also lead to half full cups with a lot of water. In other cases, the machine might fail to function and go off. If you have ever used espresso capsules from other manufacturers with your Nespresso, keep your machine maintained and functioning for as long as you can since the new ones will cost you a little more.

Not all Capsules Fail

Even with the new Nespresso machines, there are capsules that fit 100 percent, allowing you to brew coffee just the way you need it. Some coffee pods manufacturers have advanced with the Nespresso machines to offer capsules compatible with most, if not all, Nespresso machines. For these manufacturer’s, the right capsule is not only about size, but also the material.

One way that consumers are spotting these right capsules is checking Nespresso machine manufacturer recommendations. Your Nespresso machine might or might not come with capsules, but it will offer you capsule recommendations. HilineCoffee is one of the manufacturers that sell capsules for nespresso, which are compatible with new and old Nespresso machines.

Picking the Right Capsule

What are your coffee preferences? This should guide you when you are picking the best pods for your Nespresso. You should get the exact flavor you need for your coffee to enjoy.

When it comes to capsule selection, the model of your Nespresso and the manufacturer’s recommendation should guide you. If you can, buy capsules from the Nespresso brand as they are likely compatible. Where this is not possible, check other capsules designed the same way as those from the Nespresso brand.

You should also consider the price as you select capsules for your Nespresso. Capsules vary in prices. The good quality capsules will make your espresso great in quality and who doesn’t want quality coffee? However, you must be sure that aside from compatibility, you are able to afford the capsules. Therefore, take your time when choosing capsules.

Buy High-Quality Yet Affordable Capsules

If you are a coffee lover, you understand your coffee and your capsules. You can get affordable capsules and make quality coffee at all times. Make sure you get great coffee by purchasing the right Nespresso capsule for your machine.

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