How to Choose the Best Surf Spots

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Any person who has been surfing for any amount of time will rarely struggle to identify the best surf spot. A novice, though, faces seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, anybody ‘ regardless of experience or the lack thereof ‘ can be quite adept at choosing the right location.

Criteria for Selecting Surfing Spot

The world is full of different spots. Your choice should hinge on:
a) What is accessible to you (location)
b) What is affordable to you (budget)
c) What you can do (skills)

If you have to pay to access a surfing spot, it is important to look for one that you can afford. However, that’s not all. You should also seek a location where you’ll have fun surfing. For instance, if you’d rather surf at a less crowded spot, you should seek out one that is less frequented by surfers. Just make sure the spot is safe.

The number of participants does not matter if you lack the money. Do a bit of research on a few surf spots you would like to visit. Know how much it’ll cost you to travel to those spots. After that, prepare the funds.

Examples of Best Surfing Spots

Some of the best surf spots, as you will learn from The Navajo Post, are:
‘ Australia
‘ South Africa
‘ California
‘ Indonesia
‘ Brazil
‘ Costa Rica
‘ Hawaii

Once you are ready with the money and the information from your research, the next task is to narrow everything down. The reason for this is there are places worth surfing even in all the locations listed above. Some spots attract hordes of surfers. Others struggle attracting even a handful of surfers. The reasons for this trend have nothing to do with preference.

Qualities for Best Spots for Beginners

For beginners, certain attributes are worth considering. For example, choose a spot:
a) Fewer people
b) Sand bottom
c) Calm and crumbling waves
d) Big sandbar

Rules for Beginners

Furthermore, beginners should avoid spots that are full of experienced surfers. If you ignore this warning, you will likely create more problems for everybody. Surfing near experienced surfers increases the likelihood of creating dangerous situations, annoying everybody, and getting in the way.

Beginners should also avoid surfing all alone. They should be near other surfers. Being near people ‘ even if they are not surfing ‘ is also highly recommended. Beginners are prone to making mistakes, which could cost them their lives. The situation could deteriorate fast if there is nobody around to help them.

A beginner who surfs alone is at a high risk of drowning. Shore breaks are also dangerous. Therefore, pick a beginner-friendly spot and make sure the weather is fit for surfing otherwise, you friendly spot can quickly turn dangerous.

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