When is it Financially Sound to Pay for Cleaning Service?

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Do you know that cleaning your house for around two hours is one of the most effective ways of burning 200 calories? Yes, cleaning has health benefits. Cleaning also makes you feel good about yourself, your home, and life in general. However, for varying reasons, people choose to hire cleaning help. What many people never consider is the financial cost. There are times when it’s better to do the cleaning by yourself. And, there are days when hiring and paying for cleaning service makes financial sense.

So, when is it financially sound to pay for these services?

When You Have a Tight Schedule

First, look at your schedule. How busy are you? Do you have other commitments? Will you be losing money by doing the task yourself? Depending on the answers you give to these questions, you would be in a better place of determining whether hiring a cleaner is a financially sound decision. Do not clean when you should be at the office sealing a deal or signing a new contract with a customer.

Cleaning the house requires time, so do it when you’re free.

When Uncleanliness is Creating Friction

Granted, thorough cleaning is not always possible for someone who can only spare little time for it. A dirty house can be the source of stress and friction between members of the same household. A person whose life partner keeps complaining about the dirty house should hire a professional cleaner to make it spotlessly clean. Basing your decision on family-related reasons is fine. What you should not do is to hire a cleaner when the family is scrambling for every dollar it can afford, which would worsen the friction.

When You Hate Cleaning

A person who hates doing the actual cleaning needs not to go through the motions just for the sake of it. It is difficult to do something you hate doing well. You are more likely to do an excellent job if you’re more passionate about the chore. In such cases, nobody would berate you for hiring a cleaner to do the job. The cleaner is more likely to do a better job than you by a wide margin.

When You Lack the Cleaning Supplies

Do you have everything you need for a thorough cleaning job? Chances are that you only have two or three supplies. In some instances, that might be enough. However, for a more thorough job, you need more than a couple of supplies. Normally, you would need to rush to the store to buy these supplies, which means spending more money. A professional cleaner, on the other hand, already has all the supplies, tools, and equipment needed for the job. Hiring such a cleaner who has everything required for the job saves you money.

Therefore, sit down and do the math yourself. You will discover that there are moments when it makes more sense to hire a cleaner than embarking on DIY cleaning. Your role is to identify the moments and make a decision that will not ruin you financially. Even if you choose to hire a professional cleaner, you still have to do a bit of cleaning yourself. Otherwise, you will pay more since cleaners charge for every cleaning task they perform.

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