Five Signs That Your Child Needs Tutoring Services

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Journalism students, like many others, face many challenges before finally graduating and finding a good job. Some of the challenges revolve around forming relationships and networks that will help them in future. Journalism requires the students – including former students – to step out of their comfort zones. Certain skills and techniques, are also necessary for aspiring journalists to master. Some students need help with these. Sadly, some of them feel like giving up because of the difficult time they go through in their studies; hence, the need for contacting Skies the Limit Tutoring for help.

The following are the five signs you should look for to know if you are struggling and need help.


How easily do you get frustrated? It is normal to feel like education is a huge stress on your mind. You may also feel pressurized beyond your abilities. This does not refer to the lack of drive to complete homework and classwork. Frustrations, in this case, mean that it is difficult to grasp concepts taught in class, such that performance is wanting despite best efforts to keep up and perform well.

Lack of Self-Motivation

If not resolved, frustrations can then lead to lack of self-motivation. A journalism student who does not feel sufficiently motivated to proceed with education will eventually give up. What is more, such a student will find it impossible to stay on any task to the end. The student will start falling behind with the studies and being unable to present classwork or coursework on time.

Take Longer to Finish Academic Tasks

How much time do you take to finish your tasks? Do you take longer than normal and is this because you do not understand what needs to be done? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you need tutoring services to help you. It pays to keep a close eye on your progress and attitude too. If you find yourself constantly struggling to complete tasks because you do not understand them, it may be time to consider hiring a tutor. The good thing is that most tutors are able to work around your schedule so that you can get one on one attention at your convenience.

Tutors can also help change the wrong attitude you developed, which hinders your education.

Inability to Think for Self

Journalists need to be critical thinkers. The world needs more journalists of this caliber. It is sad that quite a number of them, especially those in their formative years, struggle with the concept of critical thinking. A tutor can help students to improve and be better critical thinkers. Here, the goal is to help the students to think for themselves. It is not about furnishing them with more content. Critical thinkers ask questions, which is crucial in journalism.

Inability to Follow Directions

In journalism studies as with any other course, one has no choice than to follow instructions and directions. Unfortunately, journalism students can fail to follow directions, understand the practices, or master the skills necessary for the type of writing or reporting. The tutor can help one master these skills and practices. More importantly, the tutor helps students to make the most of their study time.


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