Interesting Ways to Party During the Winter Months

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Winter is always tough for people in the Northern country.  Especially with this recent record-breaking onslaught of freezing temperatures, the “bomb cyclone” and of course our old friend the “polar vortex”, the entire US has been engulfed in freezing temperatures.

Not all the much room to head out and have a good time, so most people just sit at home and binge on some more netflix.  However it doesn’t have to be that way, so we’ve put together a few classy tips on how to have fun this winter while not getting frostbite in the process.

#1 – Game Night at Home

It might sound corny to some, but the age old trick of playing board games is still one of the most fun things to do (yes, even when you’re sober!).  If you add in some adult beverages, it can become even more enjoyable.

Besides that, we now have access to many more options then simply “Monopoly” or “Clue”.   In fact, we can combine our favorite binge watching activities with board games!

Take, for instance, “Game of Thrones Risk“, which uses all the houses from the game of thrones as nations on the Risk board.  This allows you to not only have fun playing the game, but also learn more about your favorite TV show/book series in the process.

Same goes for “Walking Dead”, although it’s not as perfect a match as “GoT”, since the show isn’t centered around warring states (although in some ways, it is, so you decide for yourself).

#2 – Party Bus Around Town

Now we are getting somewhere.  One of the biggest developments over the past 20 years has been the introduction of the “Party Bus”, a vehicle that can hold up to 50 people but is purposefully designed to have an entire party happening in the back.  Video, music, booze, dancing, all while driving around town.

While it’s a little pricey, getting party bus can be a great option for a big group of people.  Splitting the price up among 20 or more will bring it down to a very reasonable cost, and with unlimited pickups and drop-offs, you can drive around town picking up everyone involved.

#3 – Bowling Alley

Unless there is a foot of snow on the ground, chances are you can transport yourself around town pretty well, even in the bitter cold.  In that case, considering going out to the local bowling alley with a few buddies.  If bowling isn’t  your thing, consider a billiard hall.  These places are great ways to have fun, maybe have a couple of cocktails, but unlike a bar environment, the entirety of the experience isn’t focused around alcohol.


That’s what we’ve got so far.  If you have any other options for great party ideas while under arctic condition, leave them in the comments!


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