What You Should Know About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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Conventional vacuum machines required one to drag them around the house to get it clean. Technology has however made work easier even when it comes to vacuuming. These essential machines have been improved into smart appliances known as robot vacuum cleaners. These appliances come with a number of features that the old vacuum cleaners did not have.

The Features

Robot vacuum cleaners use technology that allows them to move and dust your home without you having to drag them around. They are capable of detecting obstacles and remembering layouts so that they can move around and dust the home on their own. Furthermore, they can dump the dirt they have collected in a receptacle and get back to their charging units or docking stations. Majority of them can be controlled with an app while others can also speak up to alert you when they’re done with the cleaning.

When it comes to size, these smart appliances beat their conventional counterparts. They are typically compact and low-slung; a feature that allows them to get beneath most furniture. Most models have a diameter of about 12 inches and are about 4 inches high.

Here’s How a Typical Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

You can program a schedule into the robot’s memory so that at the designated time, it will start working. As part of its intelligence, the robot can move along walls and use spiral, circular, and zigzag motions to get you floors clean. In some models, a virtual wall is included. This wall keeps the cleaner from going into no-vacuum areas through a mechanism similar to docking station. The virtual wall will emit a light beam that the robot will sense and avoid. As it vacuums, the robot dumps dirt into an inbuilt catcher that can be emptied later.

Once the robot is done vacuuming or it runs out of charge, the robot will find its way back to its docking station. It does this with the help of a lighthouse equipped with radio-frequency and infrared light technology; which helps it reposition itself. The docking station also emits a light beam that shines up to about 6 feet away and directs the robot back. If it had run out of charge, it will continue cleaning once it has been charged. If it was done vacuuming, it will sit on the docking station until the next vacuuming session.

Robot vacuum cleaners are great additions to your collection of home appliances. They are especially useful when you have pets that make regular cleaning necessary. They are also great for regular cleaning in between the thorough cleaning sessions. Though they are useful and come packed with amazing features, robot vacuum cleaners also have some limitations.

The Limitations

While they can be used smoothly on both hard and carpeted floors, they tend to get stuck at times. They also can’t completely replace the traditional vacuum cleaner. They are incapable of cleaning beneath thick carpets. Their efficiency also drops greatly when they have to clean big homes, and they might get stuck midway. They are thus more suited for smaller homes with fewer rooms.

A Worthy Investment

Despite their limitations, robot vacuum cleaners are a worthy addition to your home. They are fully automatic, help save time and are less noisy. Therefore, check out the aspiradoras robot opiniones and find a model that you can invest in to supplement your traditional vacuum cleaner.

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