The Popularity of 1300 Numbers Over Landline for All Business Sizes

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If you ask a businessperson who is using a 1300 number, they will tell you the number is a blessing. These numbers are very different from conventional landline numbers based on their features and functions. They are designed with a number of great features and functionalities allowing them to deliver more than the landline numbers can.

The wide range of features and functionality makes them better for business, and they come as a replacement for landlines but not entirely. 1300 numbers can route their calls to landlines, or mobile numbers.

Inbound Calls With No Geographic Restrictions

1300 numbers are specifically designed for inbound calls and then attached to a telephone service for the purpose of receiving calls. Each of the features that these numbers offer are designed to maximize the functionality for incoming calls.

Unlike landline numbers which are allocated to local exchanges and bear local prefixes on numbers, 1300 numbers are not allocated to a local exchange and are not restricted to a certain locality; thus you can move them together with your business. This brings a difference in terms of portability, exposure to calls nationwide, and the cost of calls. You can also use a single nationwide number for multi-site operations with a 1300 number because irrespective of where the call is coming from, 1300 numbers will have the same prefix.

The Features Difference

Compared to a landline number, 1300 numbers are designed with a lot of call handling features including voice to email and auto attendant. They can also welcome the caller and play promotional messages to them. These features make them better than a landline in terms of a business number and in terms of marketing.

You can divert landline numbers to a different number, but there is still some flexibility lacking in routing options – this is addressed in 1300 numbers. Calls placed to 1300 numbers can be routed to more than one answering point at a time, especially if there is an overflow of calls. You can route calls based on their origin and the time they come to you.

The Marketing Advantage

Who would not like a business number that is memorable? Most business wants customers to remember their number. Landline numbers are limited when it comes to the ease of memorizing them.

1300 numbers are designed to generate more calls and enhance marketing response rates. The numbers are in the form of phone words and phone names, making them easy to remember. Besides, the added advantage of playing messages to callers boosts the business marketing channels a lot.

If you are thus interested in enhancing your business’ marketing efforts, a 1300 number is your best bet and not a landline. This is because you can customize the messages as you want.

Get a 1300 Number

There are cheap 1300 numbers Australia, making it easier for startups and SMEs to get a number. All you need is to subscribe to a package that will meet the needs of your business and give your customers the best experience when they call. The functionality of 1300 numbers will only make them more popular in the future.

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