Is it Safe to Buy a Car Online?

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The Internet has become the main source of so many aspects of our daily lives.  From Entertainment, Social interaction, Business and Communication, and even Commerce.  While buying things online isn’t new, it has become such a norm that many people use retail locations simply as a place to pick up their online purchases!

It has progressed so much so that even purchasing something as large as a vehicle is possible online.  However before you dive in and hit the “Buy” button, you should be sure that you are getting a fair deal, and aren’t running into any type of scam.  How do we go about making sure of this?  The Navajo Post provides a few solid tips that will help out:

Avoid Independent Re-Sellers

What this means is that you should avoid interacting directly with a previous owner.  The reasons for this are numerous: first, a previous owner doesn’t have much to lose by selling you a lemon.  Even if you end up suing them, you never know what financial situation they are in, and if a lawsuit is even worrysome to them (if they are bankrupt, for example, they wouldn’t care).  Secondly, you will probably have to take on more due diligence over the cars condition, etc.  This means having it inspected by a mechanic, ordering your own CarFax report, stuff like that.

Much better option is to go through a legitimate and bona fide third party that handles car listings in your area.  For instance, if you are looking for Memphis, TN used cars for sale, there are several large national sites that will have relevant listings.  No need to go to Craigslist or other free-for-all market places.

Stay Local

This may seem strange since you are using the “World Wide Web”, but its best to stick to local providers.  This means that you can go visit the car after having searched it and vetted it online.  Not everything can get delivered by UPS, so if you are serious about buying a car online, you should always go for a look-see before the transaction is finalized.

Consider the online process just a way to source for potential sellers, in a way that isn’t as pressure driven as going to a car lot.

Get the CarFax

Don’t be fooled by the pretty car.  Even if it’s the one that you’ve dreamed about, even with a new paintjob, shiny rims and a new air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, you still want to know the nitty gritty details.  This means requested a carfax report that includes a vehicle history.  This usually comes standard online (another reason to used legitimate sellers), but make sure to request one if it does not.

Following these tips will get you a long way to a successful car purchase online.  Hope it helps!


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