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Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2012

#WASTE: Illegal Dumping on the Navajo Nation seems to be the hidden secret with no Solutions

Nov. 15 | [email protected] 

When you travel the largest Native American Tribe in the U.S.-the Navajo Nation, the beautiful geographic location is ridden with home made signs. One might argue, why can’t they just buy some new outdoors signs?

Well, simply put, the people are more creative and more sensible with art- there is no way you can take that away. Now, if the nations buys new signs to be placed in certain areas of the rez, you will get more stuff to be imported and probably recycled by the tribes waste management. Which will lead more into spending and more trash to litter the beautiful reservation.

What can be pointed out is, when you go deep into the rez, their is certain parts of the reservation you will see trash people just dump on other properties. One insightful reason, could be the lack of over sight and vast remoteness of the land. Who is going to sit and watch their property when people come in under the darkness of night to dump their trash.

If you travel to the small town of Ganado, AZ and travel near it’s dry lake bead barely holding water, dry you will come across a little area that is ridden like a junk yard full of burnt trash and waste. Is this a environmental hazard, maybe.

But, this is not the only location of illegal dumping on the Navajo Nation, their are many more places you will find thrashed by people who cannot afford to haul their trash away and the their seems to be no simple solutions.

No Navajo lawmaker has presented any bill in the last year to address illegal dumping on the Navajo Nation.

#WASTE: Illegal Dumping on the Navajo Nation seems to be the hidden secret with no Solutions