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Published On: Fri, Nov 16th, 2012

How one Cell Company is taking it’s Safety Seriously

Nov. 16

SHOW LOW –With the recent construction accident in Little Water NM, when a Navajo Cell tower worker was crushed by the 60 ft. tower that was being hoisted by a crane when it feel and crushed the man. The tower was being implemented by L&B Telecommunications from Mississippi.

On Friday, Cellular One CEO Louise Finnegan, said in a telephone interview with the Navajo Post that it was not a Cellone Tower and expressed her condolences to the Pacheo family. Finnegan also emphasized just how serious and dangerous cell tower construction can be, “We are delighted and honored to have received NOSHA’s top award and we remain committed to not only serving the needs of our customers on the reservation, but also creating jobs and a safe working environment for them,” she said. “working on a cell tower can be extremely dangerous.”

In fact, Cellular One was honored to be presented with the ‘Leadership in Safety’ Award’ at the first annual Navajo Occupational Safety and Health (NOSHA) Conference held in Albuquerque in June.  The award recognizes the leadership and proactive efforts taken by Cellular One “to go above and beyond what is required to provide a safe and hazard free workplace for its employees on the Great Navajo Nation.

Cellular One Safety and Risk Manager Sue Drenth accepted the award on behalf of the company and also presented seven training sessions during the conference on the topics of tower construction safety and hazard communication programs and the changes global harmonization will bring.

“I was thrilled to attend and participate in NOSHA’s inaugural conference and delighted to have accepted the Leadership in Safety Award on the company’s behalf,” said Sue Drenth. “The current team at NOSHA does a fantastic job working diligently to keep employees on the Navajo Nation safe.”

Cellular One will continue to work with NOSHA to promote a safe working environment on the Navajo Nation. Next month, Ms. Drenth will help present a training session in Phoenix for NOSHA employees on the topic of global harmonization standards.

How one Cell Company is taking it’s Safety Seriously