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Published On: Sat, Dec 8th, 2012

NAVAJO NAVAJO NATION GOING GLOBAL: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with Navajo President

Dec. 7 | [email protected]

WINDOW ROCK – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly to meet in the Holy land next week to look at how Israel has its agriculture infrastructure set up.

The Shelly administration has been looking into ways to improve its infrastructure; Mr. Shelly will be the first Navajo Tribal President to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu and hopes to establish a working relationship between two Nations.

According to Deswood Tome, the President adviser said, “Several Navajo-faith based organizations with non-governmental ties have paid for a week-long excursion for Shelly and the first lady to travel to Israel to discuss and learn of the country’s advance agriculture technology, tourism setup, capital infrastructure and how government services are offered to rural areas throughout the country.”

President Shelly will also visit the Gaza strip and will invite Netanyahu to visit the Navajo Nation. Mr. Netanyahu has recently seen a tensions build up in his country Israel with Iran. This week, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is meeting with Netanyahu to discuss relations between Germany and Isreal.

The Navajo Nation is one of the largest Native American Tribe in the world and this is certainly an indication the small town tribe is no longer a small town reservation- but is becoming a Global partner in shaping the future of Native America.

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  1. nomorenakba says:

    Please read Israeli historian Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People. In it he debunks the mythology underlying Zionism and points out that the European Jews who established the Zionist movement were not a Semitic people and their ancestors are not from historic Palestine. And also that the Romans did not expel the Jewish population following their rebellion in 70 AD and that the descendents of the original Jewish population are now Palestinians. Most of the Jewish population of 2000 years ago converted to Christianity in the 4th century and to Islam in the 7th century. All mixed together. Please reconsider your position and instead of endorsing Israel it would appropriate for First Nations people to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement as does Holocaust survivor, co-author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Stephane Hessel.( and (

  2. Nuttyyahoo is a real terrorist.He has congress in his back pocket and kills women and children with no reprocussions from ANYONE.Heck,the US funds their entire military AND gives them weapons.Wonder what he wants with the rez.

  3. mr.Shelly, is he out his mind…

  4. Ida Lee says:

    maybe we will convert to judaism…one of the stolen Navajo children was actually a jew and in their army…I hear that one of their songs sounds like one of our nine day ceremony song..we convert to new religions/cultures easily…nd our kids are lost as to who they are.

  5. Din’e nation and Israel, that’s what’s up… :-) . Peace to Israel, GODS People!!!

  6. Rx June says:

    Cool! Bring lots of cutting agriculture practices back. ;)

  7. I hope mr shelly stays away from idiotic remarks.

  8. Israel is a criminal nation. We should boycott them not visit them. Ben Shelly and Rex Lee Jim show poor judgement.

  9. So awesome! I hope it’s a great meeting!

  10. Rose Jenemy says:

    Isreal is not a criminal nation, I dont know where you got that information…I think its beneficial that Our Nation can be allied with, here is what the bible says….The Lord will severely punish the nations who try to destroy Israel. (Genesis 12:13)

  11. Israeli government is the greatest terrorist threat in the world.The whole government kisses their ass and looks away when they commit murder.Just look at 9/11.Only one who benefited was Israel.There were no “muslim terrorists” on those planes.Dang zionists thugs.

  12. Roy B Curly says:

    Duh!free trip nd vacation ,fock th people in Bennet Frezz Area and throw awaay money on some people we don,t know.

  13. Will Clark says:

    Sounds like mineral rights to me. Damn.

  14. Will Clark says:

    I hope its sheep they want.

  15. Rose Jenemy says:

    Orrin- 9/11 Was commited by the Muslim, now they set up tent where the towers were by the permision of the President Obama and just last month he gave them 1.3 billions dollars to them to get more powerful against the United States.

  16. Albert Allen says:

    we dont too many sheep herders anymore, think theyl supply?

  17. Rose, I get my information from the news, not Genesis. The Israel referenced in that book is not even the same Israel we are talking about. It is a nation-state, created in 1948 through a UN resolution partitioning the lands that were in effect stolen from the Arabs who had been living there. If you want a better source than Genesis, read Illan Pappe’s book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.” Don’t try to argue in defense of Israel’s criminal internment of the people of Gaza and its illegal expansion of settlements in the West Bank with a reference to a book likely translated and written in 17th century England (If it’s the King James versions which is usually the standard English translation). And I don’t know what clip you posted but I’m sure it’s more rubbish.

  18. Kelvin Long says:

    Probably going to discuss the Hopi/Navajo Land Dispute..

  19. Rose Jenemy says:

    kelvin lol, as a matter of fact yes thats how it all started..and true Isreal was created and to be an allie with the United States thats how they actually became a nation to support the US in several campaign.

  20. Rose Jenemy says:

    and yes thats exactly whats happening there since 2000 years since bible times, yes and over land and relocation and beliefs.

  21. On the issue of any reason for affinity between Zionists and American Indians please see

  22. Al Lee says:

    Israel has a right to defend its self. I don’t know if any of you have served on a battlefield but I have. Mistakes get made in the heat of battle and civilians get killed–it’s called the fog of war. Hamas has been known to use civilian areas to launch their rockets from, like cowards. The IDF follows the Geneva Convention and has a Rules of Engagement to reduce civilian casualties, unlike the Palestinians. The Palestinians do not want to co-exist with the Jews, instead, they want Israel’s total destruction; like the rest of the Arab world. Go Ben Shelly.

  23. Phone Sex says:

    I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  24. Sheba Yazzie says:

    Israel is a conduit for so much intelligence and technology. I personally am grateful that they are willing to share such valuable information to Navajo. We need the help, if you haven’t noticed! I admire our President Shelly for traveling to Israel in spite of all the violence taking place. He is more brave than most of you who criticize him or Israel. If you remember also, America helped them become a democratic nation. They are an important ally. It was Navajo who approached them.

  25. Nelta Hyden says:

    Interesting remarks. Ha ha. Just what I heard about the Rez folks…too Obamaholic.

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NAVAJO NAVAJO NATION GOING GLOBAL: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with Navajo President