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Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2012

AWKWARD: Bizarre comments slam Navajo Nation, calling it ‘Socialism’, ‘your population drinks far beyond excess.’

Dec. 21 | NP Bizarre Moments Edition

What do people really think? ooch….

www….An awkward search effort lead us to some really bizarre comments online. As we searched for some blogs, news, to see what other people are saying about ‘Navajo’ in their neck of the woods, we came across some very interesting comments from different news sites and found these. Okay, here it goes.

AP ran the article, ‘Navajo Nation moves to buy reservation coal mine’ on Yahoo/ABC news, comments flared up, here is what was said- a section of the article is below.

The Navajo Nation already owns and operates about a dozen businesses on the reservation, including a utility company, a transit system, a housing authority, radio stations, an oil and gas company, and shopping centers.

The Comments

Yee Haw said, I can see it now, a bunch of Indians leaning on a shovel saying, “qua? Where’s my check?”

Even more bizzare….

Tombstone Lizzard said, “Yeah, white guy here. Lived in Tuba City for awhile. Tried to get help from the Navajo Disabled Veterans. “Navajos Only.” Tried to get a job with the Tribal Police; no dice (it was the quiet version of “Navajos Only.”) Looked around for work on the Nation. You guessed it. While you folks are making money hand-over-fist running your power plant, how about encouraging your people to clean up their filthy yards, spay and neuter their animals (and feed them and give them medical attention, etc.) and stop mimicking the white trash escapees of “The Jerry Springer Show.” Filthy, nasty dump that speaks volumes of how the Navajos view themselves. No wonder the majority of your population drinks far beyond excess.”

TheDudeAbides said, “Legacy of the Navajo: contaminated water from mining, polluting power plants, uranium mines, casinos and poverty. Walk in Beauty … yeah right.”, adding, “And talk about “socialist!” The Navajo government owns the utility company, transit system, radio, housing authority, oil and gas companies, and shopping centers!! Here is our poster child for “successful” socialism!”

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AWKWARD: Bizarre comments slam Navajo Nation, calling it ‘Socialism’, ‘your population drinks far beyond excess.’