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Published On: Sun, Dec 23rd, 2012

Navajo Holiday Shoppers take on the Valley

Dec. 23 | [email protected]


TEMPE- Hundreds of last minute shoppers slam local malls and retail stores to get last minute smoking deals.

In Anthem Shopping Center, the Coach Retail luxury purse store had 60 percent off, men and women flocked the $100-$400 purse bags to steal the deals, they even had an extra 30 percent off coupon being handed out by clerks.

A local said, “I drove all the way here from Phoenix just buy my wife a purse, I actually saved more money then I thought I would have spent.” He said, while holding his receipt.

We even had Navajos from Tuba City that had stocking stuffers from different stores, “we just came here to shop and eat some good city food”, said Linda.

As Christmas nears the end, shoppers are still getting Black Friday deals, according to sales associate from different retail shops, they said some retailers are still using the Black Friday deals to give shoppers the last minute deals for gifts.

Prices are expected to remain at deal rate prices until January 2013.

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Navajo Holiday Shoppers take on the Valley