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Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2012

Navajo Community Development Financial Institution is seeking Board members

Become a Board of Director

The Navajo Community Development Financial Institution is seeking Board Members for their 2012 Recruitment Drive. Board members are being recruited for the newly formed Navajo Community Development Financial Institution. Directors must have experience in finance, lending, and Banking.

NCDFI’s Mission is very clear, to provide financing and financial products to Navajo Entrepreneurs and assist individuals, business enterprises and communities to access ffinancial resources.

Community representation can include:

A. community members from within the geographic area,

B. members of the target population (Navajo Nation or Native American),

C. members of the target market (business borrowers, or other clients)

II. Professional qualifications for the Directors include:

A. experience in business or non-profit management or on Boards

B. experience in government or in community planning

C. specific knowledge or experience in financial operations

D. lending or loan management experience

E. financial management credentials and experience

Individuals interested in serving on the NCDFI board are to provide; 1) A Professional Resume, 2) Letter of Professional Reference from three references, 3) Letter of Interest, 4) Statement of Qualifications and 5) Copies of Credentials. Individuals must submit the required document no later than Friday, March 2, 2012 to the attention of:

Mr. Raymond Nopah, Chief Financial Officer

The Navajo Nation – Division of Economic Development

P.O. Box 663, Window Rock, Arizona 86515

(928) 871-6544

[email protected]


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Navajo Community Development Financial Institution is seeking Board members