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Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2012

POLITICAL WILL: A Navajo ASU student with BIG political ambitions, makes a run for office

Aug 9 | By [email protected]

Navajo Youth rising

Darrell Williams, 21-Aneth, UT.

ANETH, UT- Darrell Williams, a 21 year Navajo ASU Junior sets out to be the next Chapter President for his district in Aneth, a part of the Navajo Nation that spurs into Utah.

“I want to modernize our government with a 5-10 year strategic plan for Economic development, expansion, and progress” said Williams in a telephone interview.

Williams said he and his opponent Davis Filfred, a former Chapter Vice President will be headed into the Aug 28 primary and says he hopes to win in Nov.

Williams said he is taking online classes from ASU majoring in Political Science and hopes to use that degree to advance his political career and help the people of Aneth.

Williams said, he does not qualify to run for council, but will be able to in several years and this will not be the only time he will seek political office.

The young inspired Williams, said his interest started in High School, “My interest in political subject began after taking American National Government from a local junior college during my sophomore year in high school. I realized that the subjects in that class were easier to learn and the information was retained effortlessly, as opposed to other classes I was taking. Politics and geology were two subjects I was immensely interested in and decided to pursue that as my career choice.”

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Williams said he found his passion for politics through a ‘senior project’, along with a niche in geology, “I initially began looking for a geologist in the local area but was unable to find one, so I began looking at businesses people, who worked in the political or public service field.”

Williams said he was able to observe the Navajo Nation Executive Branch in action back in October of 2007, “It was through my observation and interaction with President Shirley, Vice-President Shelly, and their staff that my interest in public service was stimulated. Throughout my time with them I walked away with a philosophy of public service that change within a community can only come from those that are willing to accept the demands. There is a greater need for people who care a lot of their community and want to offer to help others. We shouldn’t run away from our communities, but instead make them better.” said Williams.

Currently, Williams works full time for the Aneth Chapter and said “I have been attending meetings and work sessions gathering information and material that is not taught in the classroom, as well as valuable information from my mentors.” adding, “It is a combination of classroom teachings and training received as an employee of the Aneth Chapter that, I feel, has prepared me to run for Aneth Chapter President.”

Williams said his decision to run for Chapter President is largely based upon public opinion in the Aneth Chapter Community. “I have been approached on a daily basis by community members encouraging me to make my bid. I had not initially thought about running, but after careful consideration and debate I submitted an application to the election administration.”

If Williams wins, he will be the youngest Chapter President for Aneth and hopes this is the beginning of his Political career, he said he only spent $200 so far, if he does win- it will have been a bang for his buck.

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POLITICAL WILL: A Navajo ASU student with BIG political ambitions, makes a run for office