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Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2012

Arizona Dems slam Brewer for political theater

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Sinks to New Low, Points Finger in President Obama's Face During Heated Exchange Over Book (AP)

Do you think AZ Gov. Jan Brewer was disrespectful to President Obama?

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Weekly Edition | Jan. 27, 2012 | State Capitol/Az Democrats

PHOENIX – House Minority Leader Chad Campbell released the following statement on Gov. Jan Brewer’s treatment of the President’s visit to Arizona:

“Yesterday, the President of the United States came to visit our great state of Arizona to talk about creating new jobs and boosting the economy where middle-class families have suffered long enough during the recession.

“Instead of greeting our Commander in Chief with respect and welcoming him to our state, Gov. Jan Brewer chose to engage in political theater. She chose to put partisan bickering over civility and respect. This is an all-too-common occurrence at Arizona’s capitol. Disagreement is part of a democracy, but disrespect is not.

“As elected leaders, we have ample avenues and opportunities to deliver our messages and concerns to one another in an appropriate way. Demeaning one another in public is not the appropriate way. Ignoring standard protocols and good manners to engage in political theater is not the appropriate way.

“Like all Arizonans, we’re sick of partisan bickering. Instead of fighting each other, let’s work together to get things done. And let’s remember that we all want the same thing: a stronger Arizona and a stronger America. Let’s set an example that the rest of the country can follow.”

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  1. lafbtanja says:

    I can’t beleive that Jan Brewer could be so disrespectful to the President of the United States of America. Its no excuse for this to happen. She should have been put out of office. I hope she got on her needs and thanked God that President Obama respectfor women and kept self control. At no time have I ever seen any President treated with such disrepect. Thats one office that should hoid up for RESPECT. Since he’s been in office what I’ve viewed Senate/ Congress has done just about everything in there power to stop anything he’s trying to ascomplish. Maybe in order to pay our DEBT a look need to be done to see if they are doing the job for this country that they are getting paid for now.

  2. How else was she to sell that lame book?

  3. Your Name... says:

    Did you read the transcript of what they discussed? I am not sure how you read this as disrespect from her.

  4. Your Name... says:

    she did nothing, he started complaining to a 60 year old 5′ nothing lady and she stood her ground. you folks should keep you eye on the ball here, there is much more important things going on.

    Mike, did you read her lame book?

  5. It’s not just her behavior that bothers me. It’s that there are so many people like her that are perfectly willing to overlook it, or in many cases cheer it on. I’ve watched the GOP from Eisenhower to today and it has been a downhill slide. Nixon corrupted it, Reagan stood back and let the Nixon alumni make it worse. Gingrich, in the 90s, took it down into the gutter. Bush, Rove and the Nixon alumni finished it off. Ron Paul was actually booed by these people for suggesting that we should live by the Golden Rule. How low can they go?

  6. Don says:

    60 year old – yes, 5′ – yes, lady – afraid not. At one point she stated he speaks to her as if she were 5 years old. She acts five years old and has the intelligence of a five year old. What else would he do? Everyone I know that used to vacation in AZ has stopped because of her. And you wonder why the economy is so bad there!

  7. CAMVFR says:

    She is the hostess and he is the guest. Can you imagine if we treated all our guests, even those who complain, into our home this way? Pointing a finger in anyone’s face is rude. She may sell more books this way but she has made herself to be an unclassy loser. I feel awkward writing these words, but she opened the bad etiquet door.

  8. First off, Governor Brewer has been treat by President Obama with disrespect from the beginning of his term. In the spring of 2009, during the Commencement at Arizona State in Tempe, the President refused to even meet Brewer. The meeting at the White House later, and recounted in the book is another example.

    In this instance, as Obama exited the Air Force jet known as Air Force One, he preceded to meet Brewer who handed him a hand written letter on Arizona’s Comeback and inviting Obama to tour the border and to lunch again. Only to be confronted about the book. When Brewer apologized and kept her ground, the President walked away. Didn’t even let her finish talking.

    Who’s the disrespectful one?

    President George W Bush is treated with disrespect. Heck, even President William J Clinton gets his bad days. It’s part of the job.

    • Bryon says:

      Gerrick, your wrong. What are you some Republican Brewer right winger fan. It makes our State look bad…SB1070, now this hard right winger dis-respecting our Commander in Chief!

      I am motivated to vote for President Obama!

  9. Bryon says:

    Rally together dems, RECALL BREWER!

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Arizona Dems slam Brewer for political theater