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Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2013

Doubt looms over the Navajo Mine deal

FARMINGTON – Doubt looms over President Ben Shelly as he expressed some concerns over buying the mine from BHP.

Shelly told the Gallup Independent, “Let me assure you of this now — I’m not, at this point, in support of buying a mine.” he also said they need to think due diligence to come to a decision and wants experts to be involve in the negotiating process, not the politician.

Window Rock insiders say, if the Mine is bought, this would be a step back from the President new Energy policy, as he is proposing renewable energy and clean coal technology. It could potentially cost the tribe millions to bring the mine up to standards.

Erny Zah, a Shelly spokesman said they would like to reach a decision by July 1.

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Doubt looms over the Navajo Mine deal