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Published On: Fri, Sep 7th, 2012

Navajo Nation Fair kicks off: Carnivals, FOOD, Events, RODEOS!

Sept. 7 | By: staff writer

WINDOW ROCK – It’s not a Fair, it’s a community event where people from all over the world come to see and share Native culture and traditions on the largest Indian country on the planet, the Navajo Nation.

Every September, thousands of people come to Window Rock to celebrate food, events, culture, and rodeos.

Roberta John, with the Navajo Nation said in a press release, referring to the Navajo people: they will get up way before the crack of dawn such as 3 a.m. Even if they have a rusty old pickup that hasn’t been ridden for years, somehow they will manage to past every vehicle on the highway….All this, just so they can find a birds eye-view of the Navajo Nation Fair parade.

Leaving home five minutes later might mean no parade….and what’s the Navajo Nation Fair if you’ve missed the grand daddy of all parades?

It’s probably safe to say, this may be the only day when fair goers will not be cited for speeding. This is all part of the nostalgia that encompasses the immaculate spirit of the Navajo Nation Fair. It’s also a true testament of endurance and how the Navajo people embrace cultural Navajo pride.

In fact, many Navajo people even camp out along Arizona State Highway 264 to reserve a space and to get a good view of the many parade entries. Moreover, many parade enthusiasts don’t mind roughing it out in a tent, waking up to a cold brisk morning, and listen to the hustle and bustle of honking horns.

However, there are also many people who are also not fortunate enough to attend the Navajo Nation Fair or are able to watch the Navajo Nation Fair parade even if they tried to reach the parade route before traffic comes to a halt.

Navajo Nation Fair goers need not worry. Thanks to efforts by the Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology (DIT) and Navajo Nation TV5, you will be able to see the Navajo Nation Fair parade live.

According to Harold Skow, DIT director, “The Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology has configured and installed wireless access point so people can get internet access at the Navajo Nation Fairgrounds. This year, we are working with the Navajo Nation Office of Broadcast Services to broadcast the parade ‘Live’ to We are installing the wireless access close to the highway so the camera can record the parade and upload it LIVE. People can view it online at”

Your cell phone can view you will be able to view it. If you have a laptop computer, you will need to have wireless access or land line connectivity to view the parade. Skow added other tribal fair parades can also be recorded live if NNTV5 is willing to participate.

For more information, contact the Navajo Nation Fair Office at (928) 871-6632

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Navajo Nation Fair kicks off: Carnivals, FOOD, Events, RODEOS!