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Published On: Sun, Jan 6th, 2013

SUNDAY TALKING POINTS: Is it time for the Navajo Nation to reform its Education System?

Jan. 6 | The Post’s Sunday Talking Points

The Facts

Dec. 18, 2012: Dr. Leo Johnson is removed by the Navajo Supreme Court from the Shiprock area.

Jan. 4, 2012: School Broad members Claira Bia-Kirk and Cecelia Wauneka are removed by the Supreme court, both of the Hunters Point Boarding School, Inc. the court ruled they cannot hold an elected position for 8 years.

(Read the full story here and court documents: Navajo Nation Supreme Court removes Elected Officials)

According to the Navajo Nation Department of Education, they report on their site:

‘School enrollment on the Navajo Nation beginning in 2000 was 55,648 from 1stto 12thgrade. There were 7,951 enrolled in nursery school, preschool and kindergarten (US Census 2000). Since then, based on our data collection from New Mexico Public Education department, Arizona Department of Education, the Utah State Education Department and the Bureau of Indian Education, school enrollment on the Navajo Nation has been in a decline from 42,492 in 2006, 40,974 in 2007, 39,203 in 2008, and 38,990 in 2009. These enrollment numbers are for all public schools, Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools, and grant schools.’

Of course the data they show is old, but those are facts. From 2009-2010, the Navajo Nation said, ‘the total number of certified teachers on the Navajo Nation is approximated to be 3,022 teaching on the Navajo Nation for all school types (Public, BIE, and contract schools)’

How can Navajo lawmakers address this issue, can new innovative ideas be brought in for the 21st Century- or does the tribe continue to kick the can down the road.

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  1. Jawn Boiee says:

    Does it really matter cuz the whole buzz is stil about banning weapons on the rez

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SUNDAY TALKING POINTS: Is it time for the Navajo Nation to reform its Education System?